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What I’m thankful for this year

Submitted by on Thursday, 27 November 2008 One Comment

That Big Guy actually likes me. Sometimes: Even though he frequently flies at me with a boatload of bluff, bluster and bravado — how early that starts — the look on his face when I visited his classroom this morning told a different tale. And I’m thankful I was able to go.

Online friends: Whether they’re folks I’ve never met face to face or former colleagues I haven’t seen in years, their support was invaluable during a summer and fall so difficult on so many levels.

Peanut allergy research: Knowing that there could be treatment available within five years gives me hope. It likely wouldn’t let Big Guy munch on PBJs, but it could prevent a reaction from escalating as quickly.

Seeing Boots come into his own: I’ve discovered a gregarious guy with a sly sense of humor now that Boots can escape his brother’s prodigious shadow every morning. It’s nice, even if I do answer to Dora half the time now.

Mawmaw: I think of her every Thanksgiving, because she was the hostess for the family gatherings of childhood. She’s been gone for eight years, but the memories were particularly strong this evening as I used food-decorating skills handed down from her to help great-grandchildren she never got to meet make turkey handprint cookies.

That the content of his character mattered more: This time, it feels like it really is morning in America. A stormy morning, granted, but at least there’s a semblance of a plan to have a plan now.

Big Guy’s school: His principal doles out ducks and his teacher’s quick action prevented a peanut-induced allergy attack from becoming far worse. What more could I ask?

Aunt M: She’s an emotional rock who feeds my secret addictions to cookbooks, Barbies and kitchen gadgets. Um, guess they’re not so secret anymore.

That dark chocolate is healthy: I’m ignoring that “in small quantities” part.

Unemployment: It’s been a wonderful opportunity to learn a ton of new skills, plus to take the time to reflect on what’s truly important for the first time in my adult life. It’s possible to have too much of a good thing, though. Send offers to …

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  • MtnMom said:

    Bless you, Dora – I mean, Deb! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family. As always, give them young’uns a hug for me and keep on keeping on. You are an inspiration and your writing is a delightful and refreshing break from the “headlines” of the day.