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Remember when your first baby was mere days old and the only thing messier than the house was that scary-looking stump where his cord used to be? When given the choice between sleep and shower, sleep usually won?

And suddenly, dozens of people were headed over to your house with the expectation of being entertained?

OK, so maybe that was just my crazy in-laws, 24 of whom stormed my stoop all at once before Big Guy was a week old. They’d been in town for a wedding and decided to drop by and see the new addition.

At least they gave me time to get dressed. And to shovel the dishes into the oven. And clean enough lemonade glasses and tea cups for the crowd.

I’ve had a flashback to those days recently with 9to5to9. Miserable with my blogging platform — godaddy’s Quick Blogcast — I’d been eyeing a switch to WordPress from practically the second I launched.

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