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Organic, allergen-free — but pricey — treats now available

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I recently found myself vaulted full-time into the “more time than money” category, and even before I wound up there, I would have balked at spending five bucks for a half-dozen cookies. The way the guys can scarf treats, that’d be about $1 a minute, given the short life expectancy of a cookie around here.

For those whose budgets are a little more flexible, though, the New Hampshire company formerly known as Gak’s Snacks is offering a line free of wheat, peanut, tree nuts, dairy and eggs. Plus it’s still organic, as well as certified whole grain, vegan and kosher.

The company, now known as HomeFree, says in a press release that it not only bakes in a facility free of all those allergens, but it also will spot test supplies to make sure they remain allergen-free. Aside from Nestle’s peanut-free plant in Canada, I’ve heard of few companies that go to those lengths, and that’s to be applauded.

The down side: $5.59 for a six-once bag of chocolate chip cookies. The value-conscious can order a case of six for $29.95, though. A coffee cake is $28.95. Ouch!

The reasons, according to the company’s Web site: The cost of ingredients and the cost of the random testing plus the cost of baking in small batches. For allergy sufferers who aren’t skilled bakers, it might not be a bad deal.

The company, founded by a mom whose children suffer severe food allergies, also offers a 143-page cookbook. I’ll probably wind up buying that, if for no other reason than there are times when I tire of conducting egg-free baking experiments in my kitchen. It’s nice once in a while when things are easy.

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