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Product review: SunButter sunflower seed butter

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PRODUCT: SunButter sunflower seed butter

PROBLEM IT SOLVES: Peanut butter substitute produced in a peanut-free, tree nut-free plant. It’s gluten-free as well.

$5.14 to $10.05 for 16 ounces, according to a Google search. Available in some health and natural food stores, though not where I live, which means I pay through the nose on shipping.

NUTRITION: Stacks up favorable to peanut butter. The calorie contents are similar — 188 for two tablespoons of peanut butter to 200 for SunButter. It’s less fatty than peanut butter (16 percent to 25 percent) and has only slightly less protein (7 grams to 8 grams). It does have 120 grams of sodium (6 percent of the recommended daily allowance), where peanut butter has none.

BAKING: I haven’t tried anything, though there’s a collection of recipes and cooking advice at the manufacturer’s site.

GUYS’ REVIEW: It fools Little Guy, who eats real peanut butter at preschool on mornings when Big Guy isn’t around. Big Guy refuses to try it. He’s been hammered so much about peanut avoidance that I think it scares hims when he hears the word “butter” connected with anything that’s not yellow.

MY REVIEW: It’s a close as I’ve found to peanut butter-like taste and consistency, and I used to be a “peanut butter by the spoon” type of girl. It separates more than the real deal, but if you close your eyes, after the first few bites you’ll convince yourself it’s peanut butter.

ON THE WEB: http://www.sunbutter.com/

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