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Cheap thrills: Photo calendar gifts

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“Thinking of Christmas shopping yet? Honestly, neither am I, though my mother’s probably finished.

If you’re among the super-organized and compulsively early, though, take a look at Snapfish’s photo calendar free shipping sale that landed in my inbox today. It’s disguised as a back-to-school special — isn’t everything of late? — but it could get some gifts out of the way.

I’ve given these calendars as gifts for four Christmases, and they’re popular with grandfolks and far-flung relatives.

Snapfish makes creating personalized calendars incredibly easy. Simply open an account, upload your images, click on the store tab, click on calendars and get started.

The reproduction on the finished product is top-notch — sharp colors and clear images.

The design options are a little cheesy – or maybe I’m just tired of looking at them – and the templates are limited.

It’s frustrating enough that I considered designing my own in a desktop publishing program last year and having it printed at Kinko’s. I got over that notion when I called Kinko’s for an estimate and found out it would cost $30 per calendar. Ouch!

Snapfish’s currently are $18.99, though I’d bet that will fall. I picked mine up for $15.99 last year.

They’ve added templates and background color options this year, which will help, but it still won’t get past my frustration of forcing photos into set sizes. All verticals and all horizontals are not necessarily meant to be the same width and depth. I used to design newspaper pages, though, so maybe this won’t bother other folks as much.

You also can start your calendar with any month, which means they also could serve as birthday gifts. Or, of course, a back-to-school special.

The sale code for the current free shipping campaign is CALFS88. The offer ends Aug. 31.

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