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Omega-3, probiotics wonder drugs for Big Guy

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We’ve finally found the substance so vile, so disgusting that Little Guy won’t go near it. And he’ll eat anything.

It’s L’il Critters Omega 3 Gummy Fish, which claims on amazon.com to have won a “best tasting award” in 2007. For the life of me, I don’t see how.

Big Guy’s pediatrician recommended Omega-3 — as well as a probiotic supplement — during his recent check-up. Big Guy was excited because all he heard was “gummy” and “fish.” But I heard her whisper, “it’s better than cod liver oil.”

Um, not by much. The second you open the bottle, the odor assaults you. It’s made from algae and smells like chum. Big Guy developed an instant case of bitter beer face when he tasted it. Little Guy spit his across the room. I nearly vomited. The sugar coating and the “great natural flavors” don’t help at all.

For some strange reason, though, Big Guy has accepted that he has to take two “icky fishes” a day. “The doctor says it might help you sneeze less,” I say. He’s developed a system of chomping quickly then chasing it with copious amounts of water. I think he’s started to take pride in downing the substance the rest of us can’t hack.

In the two weeks he’s been on the Omega-3/probiotic regimen, he’s hacked considerably less. Used to be, he was sniffly and congested so often that I spent half the day reminding him to either blow his nose or “cough up his junk.” I’ve seen a remarkable improvement.

I just wish there’d been more information out about this a few years ago. There’s evidence now that Omega-3 and probiotic supplements taken during pregnancy can prevent the baby from developing allergies.

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