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The semi-annual letdown of allergy testing

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I’m a big Cincinnati Reds fan, so a baseball analogy for Big Guy’s allergy tests is an obvious comparison for me.

Going in for the tests is like spring training. There’s a bit of pain at first, but you’re flush with hope that things will be different. Maybe my team will win one. Maybe things will turn around this time.

They didn’t. The Reds are mired in last place, and the mostly bad medical news continued to roll today for Big Guy.

There were two bright spots: He’s not allergic to beef as I’d feared after his post-birthday barf, so he can eat his beloved burgers and kabobs again. And he’s not allergic to almond, which at least adds a flavoring option to our previously vanilla world.

It was down hill from there.

Egg white, still allergic. Egg yolk, allergic again. His tests had been clear on yolk for two years, though I still didn’t use it — I’m a fairly skilled baker, but I don’t trust even myself to separate an egg perfectly.

Walnut, pecan and hazelnut, allergic. These are all new allergies.

The results aren’t back yet on garlic, but I’m afraid to get my hopes up after today’s near shutout.

A clean report on garlic, though, would offer the most relief for him and me. It might even allow us to eat out again at somewhere other than McDonald’s.

I try not to get too whiny, because I realize it could be worse. A friend’s son is allergic to wheat, milk and egg, which make her struggles to feed her child much more challenging and expensive than mine.

Still, I have to admit I’m a bit bummed.

As the Reds always say, wait ’til next year.

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