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9to5to9: They say it’s your birthday — three times

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“It’s after midnight the day before … er, make the day of … Big Guy’s alleged birthday. So what am I doing — why, waiting for the cake to come out of the oven.

I’m not even going to rant at myself this time for procrastinating, because I do it before every holiday, from Valentine’s Day to Halloween, plus birthdays to boot. My intentions always are good but, well, you know.

Instead, I’m going to complain about the three-day Big Guy Fest. Not complain, actually, as much as laugh at myself for the crazy lengths I wind up going to. It blows away my tough-gal image. Steel-coated marshmallow, I am.

Day 1: Family party at Pizza Hot, as Big Guy calls it. A few friends from school invited as well. I’m spending way more than I’d intended, because I had panicked as Little Guy’s birthday approached and opted for an easy “”throw money at it”" solution. So of course Big Guy’s has to be at the same place

Day 2: Celebration at his kindergarten with cookies and a book he’ll donate to the class. Yes! Chips Ahoy still are egg-free. I had worried about finding an egg-free treat to take to a school that bans home-baked goodies.

Day 3: Party at his day-care. Luckily, the economy has scaled these down. Last year, parents usually ordered pizza and sometimes bounce houses, as well as cake and goody bags. This year, party hats are the rage. Thank God. Except I couldn’t find Batman party hats, so I order blowouts. Which thrilled Big Guy but irritated Little Guy no end. “”Why didn’t I have blowers?”" he wailed. And to think I once complained that his speech was a bit slow.

Yes, that’s me, sponsoring a trio of extravaganzas. Me, who once swore “”one birthday, and one birthday only, and it’s going to be on the actual date.”" Me, who vowed to never artificially inflate their egos with multi-day me fests.

Me, who is such a wimp. But that’s OK — I’m more fun this way.

Copyright 2008, Debra Legg. All rights reserved.

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