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Kids and Allergies product review: FruitaBu natural, but pricey

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WHAT: FruitaBu organic fruit twirls and flats
WHAT: Dye-free and peanut safe. Also free of all other major allergens except soy.
THE APPEAL: A certified organic snack that bills itself as being a full serving of fruit.
COST: $3.79 for a six pack at a local grocery store. At that price and with two kids, we don’t buy them a lot.
KID REVIEW: Both guys are obsessed. They start hopping around the second they see the box. Luckily, FruitaBu winds up high on the shelves at our local grocery and discount stores, so they usually don’t see it at the store. The FruitaBu people must not be paying the tribute necessary to get the good, mid-level product placement that inspires kids to clamor. Little Guy likes all flavors of the flats and twirls. Big Guy loves grape, will agree to eat the strawberry and hates the apple. And he won’t eat the flats at all.
MOM REVIEW: It might be one serving of organic fruit, but it’s still not very healthy fruit. The grape twirls weigh in at only 10 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, 1 gram of fiber and 80 calories. You’d get more vitamin C (136 percent) and fiber (2.5 grams) in a cup of strawberries at a barely half the calories – 43. As luck would have it, strawberries are the guys’ favorite. Around our house, we call it “the real fruit snack.”

ON THE WEB: http://www.fruitabu.com/. Warning: The site has a slick Flash presentation that’s godawful slow to load. It would amuse the kids, though, if it weren’t past their bedtime. And I guess that’s the whole purpose of the slick Flash presentation

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