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Kids and Allergies: The hostess with the mostest effort to help Big Guy fit in

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I wanted to send DisneyFamilies.com blogger Toni a dozen roses the other day after her post on allergic kids.

Toni ran into the food follies we all experience daily during her son’s recent playdate with an allergic friend. She doesn’t mention the kid’s age, but he was old enough to know that he couldn’t eat the cookie she’d offered because he was allergic to wheat.

After the friend left, Toni and her son, Jackson, hit the computer in search of snacks that would be safe for the friend the next time he comes over. What a kid, and what a mom!

My heart melted, much in the way that my friend Yolanda moved me to tears recently with her efforts to make sure her 4-year-old’s birthday party was safe for Big Guy.

She’d originally planned to make pine-cone bird feeders with peanut butter, but quickly switched to corn syrup to accommodate Big Guy’s peanut allergy. The menu included orange soda floats, and she got a list of egg-freee sherbet brands from me before she did her party shopping.

The best part, though: She asked me for an egg-free cupcake recipe so Big Guy could eat the same treats everyone else had.

It’s the first time in his life, other than at his own birthday parties, that he got to be just like everyone else.

Which, of course, led to some initial skepticism on his part when the cupcakes came around. “Mommy, are you sure I can have it?” he asked, his eyes half pleading for a “yes.”

I nodded. “Miss Yolanda made extra sure that everything today would be safe for you.”

He smiled so hard his face almost broke.

I don’t expect party-planners everywhere to accommodate Big Guy’s food allergies, and I’m used to toting his food to virtually every social gathering we attend.

That’s why it’s so nice when someone goes out of the way to make sure a little boy too often segregated by illness has a chance to fit in for once.

Thanks, Yo!

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