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Kids and Allergies: Why a kids and allergy blog?

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Originally publish May 31, 2007, the hive.modbee.com.

We are a pathetic little allergy-plagued family. Well, at least two-thirds of us are.

Me: Pork, seafood, some fish (severe); chicken and rice (moderate but tolerable); 22 other foods (mild) and everything airborne I’ve ever been tested for.

Big Guy: egg, peanut, all tree nuts but almond and garlic (severe). Avoids Red Dye 40 and Yellow Dye 5 on the advice of his allergist.

Little Guy: none so far, but he has worrisome signs

So don’t invite us for breakfast – pancakes, bacon and eggs are out.

And don’t call and ask if we’d meet you for pizza – we could order no pepperoni at a place that uses an egg-free crust, but we’ll never find a sauce without garlic. And if you throw a birthday party, please don’t be offended when we show up with our own cake and ice cream.

Such is our life in this exclusive club – food allergies hit only about 4 percent of the population.

For that 4 percent – roughly 12 million Americans – food allergies mean a life of constant vigilance, never-ending worry, creative cooking and jubilation when you find something your family can actually eat.

That’s why I’m starting this blog, so those of us in this sad little club can commiserate and collaborate.

I’m not a doctor and won’t get into medical issues, beyond posting links to the occasional story that might be of interest. What I am is a working mom who has learned some tricks over the years that might help others. And I’m hoping others will post tricks that might help us, too.

For example, you’ll see posting such as this:

Product discovery

What: Van’s Gourmet Organic Frozen Waffles, blueberry and regular.
Problem it solves: They’re egg-free! I nearly burst into tears the day I spotted these at Raley’s. Finally, something simple.
Good for other allergy sufferers: They’re also dairy-free and peanut-free. Another Van’s line is wheat- and gluten-free.
The cost: They’re a little pricey, at $2.49 for a box of six at Raley’s. And that was on sale. However, I’ll buy them on occasion just to make up for all the other times I have to take the cheap, but labor-intense route.
Kid review: Big Guy hasn’t tasted them yet. When you’re told all your life that waffles will make you sick, it’s understandable that you’re a little hesitant to dig in.
Available locally: The company’s Web site says Raley’s and Smart & Final stores carry Van’s products.
Web site: Van’s All Natural. Includes a ZIP code look-up for stores.
Or this:

New recipe

What: Vinegar-lime salad dressing
Problem it solves: Egg allergies make it hard to find commercial salad dressings. Add a garlic allergy to it, and it’s nigh unto impossible to buy anything in a grocery store.
Good for other allergy sufferers: Dairy is the only other major allergen it contains.
The recipe: This was adapted from the current issue of Light and Tasty. The original goes on a Santa Fe salad (I used corn, black beans, onion and green chilies), but it’s tasty enough to eat on a green salad as well. It doesn’t make much. You’d have to at least double it if used for a dressing at family dinner.
1c. minced fresh cilantro
¼ c. sour cream
2 tbl lime juice
2 tbl balsamic vinegar
1 ½ tsp ground cumin
¼ tsp salt
Dash of cayenne pepper
Combine and whisk.
Kid review: Little Guy loved it – but he’ll eat anything. Big Guy didn’t love it, but at least he didn’t grimace. I could eat it every day.
Parts of my entries will be pretty tightly formatted – I’m aiming for quick and easy here. But feel free to use whatever format works for you. Heck, I’ll read haiku if it tells me how to help my kid!

Copyright 2007 Debra Legg. All rights reserved.

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