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Keep reading labels, even if you’ve bought it before

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Originally publish June 11, 2007, thehive.modbee.com

I’d read the warnings on various Internet sites: Product ingredients can suddenly change, so always check the label, even if you’ve bought it 100 times before.

I’d never quite believed it, though, until I saw it happen, twice. One time, it worked to my advantage. The other, not. Weirdly enough, both involved the same product, State Fair All-Beef Corn Dogs.

I guess it was wishful thinking that I even kept checking corn dog labels. I never had much hope of finding an egg-free one. But then one day last summer, when I was doing my usual “not a prayer” check, State Fair suddenly showed up egg-free. Yes! An easy snack!

It was a glorious six months. Big Guy was way into corn dogs, mainly because all his friends at school ate them. At first, he ate only the breading, while Little Guy ate only the dog. Guess I could have saved some money by fixing only one corn dog at a time.

Around January, it ended. New boxes of State Fair listed egg again. The folks at the grocery store had to think I was out of my mind that day, as I rifled through their inventory in a search for any remaining egg-free boxes. I found six – of course, I bought them all.

The moral of the story: Never quit reading labels. There’s really no other way to know if product ingredients change.

Some manufacturers are nice enough to notify the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network if they change ingredients or processing techniques, and FAAN posts the information on its web site. But don’t count on changes showing up, even here.

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