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Cookbooks for the food allergic

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Originally publish Dec. 15, 2007, thehive.modbee.com

For the food-allergic home, a good cookbook will save you a ton of time and painful error in trying to feed your family. And for cooks with loved ones who have been recently diagnosed with allergies, it’s a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

I have two favorites:

“The Kid-Friendly Allergy Cookbook,” currently $10.17 at amazon.com, covers wheat, dairy, nut and egg allergies. It’s also helpful for gluten-free and low-sugar diets.

What I love about this one is its variety. With that many allergies, you can forget about buying anything commercially prepared, so the book covers a lot of basics you can’t purchase very longer.

Big Guy falls into two of the allergy categories – nut and egg – and the book also helps with his obscure third allergy – garlic. Honestly, before the garlic allergy, it had never occurred to me to make spinach dip any other way than with soup mix. The book has a recipe for that, as well as chicken nuggets, cakes and casseroles.

There’s a granola bar recipe, by the way, that’s so delicious that I wouldn’t buy bars from the store even if I could. They simply taste like sawdust in comparison.

What I don’t like is that it gives egg allergies a bit of the short shrift, sloughing us off at times by saying “just use the equivalent in egg replacer.” I know from bitter experience that it’s not that easy; conversion to egg-free usually takes at least one additional step.

That’s why I also have “Bakin’ Without Eggs,” $12.72 at amazon.

It’s simply amazing: Cheesecake that fools everyone, and pumpkin pie that’s better than eggy versions. Chocolate sour cream cake that’s so good a friend whose wife is egg allergic about made himself sick on it the first time they tried the recipe.

Best of all, the recipes use common ingredients, readily available at any grocery store. There’s no flax seed, egg replacer or tofu involved. Instead, there’s heavy use of club soda, corn starch and such.

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  • Margery Parsell said:

    I have 3 kids – two with multiple allergies and athsma………so your blog is a welcome surprise. I have all of the books you mention and was just surfing the web hoping to find some new and unusual egg-free, nut-free recipes and stumbled upon your blog. Great stuff, thank you!

  • Debra Legg said:

    Thanks for your kind words! Sounds like our households have a lot in common. This blog has kind of suffered from lack of attention lately, but I’m going to get back on it soon.