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A new step in the Epi-Pen drill

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Originally publish Dec. 10, 2007, thehive.modbee.com

I’ve added a new step today to my monthly Epi-Pen fire drills – practicing on the potential patient.

For about six months now, Big Guy has had his own emergency drill. I’ll catch him unawares and ask, “Can you find the emergency kit?” It’s always in the same place – a small black bag at the back of the kitchen counter, loaded with an Epi-Pen, Benadryl and a medicine dropper – but I want to make sure the location is burned into his brain, in case I’m not home when he needs it.

It never occurred to me until today, though, that Big Guy had never seen my practice session. When I pulled out the Epi-Pen trainer this afternoon, though, was fascinated. At least, he was after I could convince him that it really didn’t have a needle.

So we sat and played with it for about a half hour, me giving him “shots” and him giving me “shots.”

I’m hoping that, as a result, he’ll feel a little more comfortable with the process if the time ever comes that I have to do it for real. I’m sure he won’t be completely comfortable – how could you be when your throat is closing and you’re gasping for breath? – but maybe he’ll freak out a little less.

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