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The guys and new customer service standards

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Originally published Jan. 22, 2008, thehive.modbee.com   

Note to self: Find a new exterminator.

The current one has been tried, sentenced and executed in a court of mom for high crimes against the guys.

The offense: Failing to react appropriately last week when Big Guy doled out one of his treasured Disney stickers in honor of a job well done. Instead of smiling as if someone had handed him a winning lottery ticket, this man said, “That’s for Christmas. Why would I want that?”

The furnace repairman the week before knew why. He grinned broadly and even let Big Guy put the sticker on his cell phone. “Thank you, buddy!”

I really wouldn’t be as capricious as to ax the exterminator over something so trivial – not, at least, until the latest ant outbreak quits breaking.

But my standards for good service certainly have changed since the guys came along.

Used to be, I was pleased if someone got my order right, gave me the correct change and didn’t look at me as if I were an inconvenience. But these days, if you want me back, you also have to recognize and value children as people. I’m not saying go out of the way to fawn.  But when a little person’s clamoring in front of you, at least acknowledge him.

It’s not an entirely frivolous standard. I figure that someone who can’t respect the tiniest members of society deep down might have problems respecting the rest of us as well. Maybe that’s a bit unfair – some people just aren’t kid people. But I suspect there’s still some validity in that theory.

The neighbor who lets the guys “help” him wash his truck: Good people.

The woman who rejects a child’s carefully plucked wildflower bouquet because it would “make her sneeze:” Has issues.

I go out of the way to avoid the second type, while doing everything I can to make sure the guys cross paths with the first.

A certain SaveMart, for example, has been my favorite grocery ever since its assistant manager patiently let Big Guy help bag the groceries. I saw him surreptitiously stashing the heavy objects in the cart, leaving the light weights for Big Guy to handle. But Big Guy never noticed – he was too busy basking in the glow of the praise for his work ethic.

“You know, you should come back here when you’re 16,” he said as he and Big Guy closed my car trunk. “I think I’ll have a job for a good worker like you.” Big Guy beamed for days. “He’s going to give me a job, Mommy! He’s going to give me a job!”

The man made a kid’s day, and it didn’t cost him a dang thing.

I’ll give the exterminator another chance – maybe the man was just having a bad day. But the cable company’s coming tomorrow, and I hope they don’t make me switch to Dish.

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