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The cookie conundrum

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Originally published Feb. 27, 2007 at

It was 10 p.m. Valentine’s Day eve, and I was having a stare-down with 48 naked heart-shaped cookies. They needed icing - pink icing to be exact, with pink and purple sprinkles, as per Big Guy's request - for a preschool party the next day. But the question was, how?

I did some quick calculations. It takes two minutes per cookie to spread frosting with a knife. With a decorating bag, though, I could do five cookies in two minutes. Finish in an hour and a half, or take less than 20 minutes and get an extra hour’s sleep? Not a tough call – I was near brain-dead, but not totally gone. I hunted my kitchen stool (where DID I hide it from the kids?) and fought a cabinet avalanche to drag out the decorating gear. "

Granted, normal people don't know how long it takes to spread vs. pipe icing on a cookie. Come to think of it, normal working moms don't bake cookies when the grocery store bakery is so readily available. But few accuse me of being normal.

Welcome to my abnormal world, a land filled with cookie-efficiency calculations, a stubborn 3-year-old and his slightly more compliant 1½-year-old brother. It's a world where one second you know you’d never set foot in an office again if economic necessity didn’t force it, But then the next you’re so mind-numbingly bored running around the yard playing airplane that you’d give anything to answer a few emails. A life fueled by too much French roast (with an espresso shot on a bad day) and too little sleep.

It’s a world that’s seldom tidy and often chaotic, but a ton of fun. If that sounds anything like your life – or if you’d just like an occasional giggle at the expense of us poor unfortunate souls* – stop by once in a while. We’ll chat!

*From Disney’s "Little Mermaid." Is there a song stuck in your head now?

Copyright 2007 Debra Legg. All rights reserved.

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