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The birthday pregame show

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Originally published July 20, 2007, thehive.modbee.com

Completely random thoughts from a fried brain:

I just spent the past hour using tweezers to put round sprinkle on cupcakes to make monster eyes. Can I still get a room at Stanislaus Behavioral Health Center tonight?

When did kids’ birthdays become multi-day festivities? I didn’t quite fall into the egciding extravaganza pit, but I’m teetering.

Big Guy’s big weekend kicks off tomorrow … er, make that today … with cupcakes and goody bags at school.

 At least I kept them reasonable. Had about $1.25 per bag invested.  And it’s still  more affordable than buying the whole class pizza or an evil bounce house.

The monsters are pink. That’s what Big Guy ordered, and no amount of asking “are you sure  you want pink?” was going to change that. At least the noses and mouths are blue, which I hope will convince Guy Protective Services that they don’t need to intervene.

The fact that cutesy cupcake papers come in packages of 50 is a conspiracy among Big Business to force you to buy more of the same papers. Who ever bakes 50 cupcakes? The cupcake standard, folks, is even dozens. And since I can never throw away anything I might use in the next 50 years, I have to keep the extra two and then buy more to match. It’s an endless cycle.

I hate making 36 cupcakes. You can’t do it in one baking, not unless you have turbo oven. When I win the lottery, my first splurge will be an oven as big as my kitchen. Then, by golly, I’ll get those 36 cupcakes done.

Why am I so incredibly anal that I have  to produce 48 cupcakes from two cake mixes when I only need 36? Just because the package says “makes 24” does not mean it’s illegal to bake less.

Do you know the Muffin Man? If so, send him my way. I have more birthday cake to bake tomorrow. 

Copyright 2007 Debra Legg. All rights reserved.

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