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In love with teacher

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Originally published Dec. 17, 2007, thehive.modbee.com   

There comes a moment in every boy’s life when he realizes there are other women in the world besides Mom. When he notices a certain lady with a certain light who outshines all others.

At the guys’ preschool, that moment comes at roughly age 2½, when Teacher L captures their attention.

The first six months of preschool, you see, are spent getting used to the strange new land, adjusting to the structure of “class time” and jockeying for position. Once that’s dispensed with, there’s time to fall in love.

It happens to all the boys at that preschool. The 4-year-olds in her class fight to sit next to her during lessons, and a chance to be by Teacher L’s side no doubt is more responsible for Big Guy’s rapidly improving penmanship than anything I’ve done.

Big Guy was obvious in his early pursuit two years ago. He’d follow her around moon-eyed, hanging on her every word.

I, of course, took advantage of the situation. It was the desire to “learn to be 4,” and to earn the much-coveted promotion to Teacher L’s class, that spurred Big Guy to start dressing himself last spring.

Now, it’s Little Guy’s turn.

It took him a little longer to get there, of course, because that’s the way he is. Big Guy’s always been able to work a room like a glad-handing politician. Little Guy, on the other hand, holds back. But once you have his affection, it’s deep and undying.

His affection for Teacher L became noticeable a few weeks ago, when he stopped clinging to me as I dropped him off on the mornings she has the early shift. It evolved quickly from not clinging to practically pushing me out the door. “Bye, Mom!” he’d wave, turning quickly to Teacher L.

In the days since, it’s escalated to all-consuming attachment.

For a while, Teacher L was the only one allowed to take him to off the potty. That was a problem last week, when he decided he needed to go while Teacher L was on a break.

Three other teachers tried to talk him out of the restroom, and three other teachers failed.  He was not about to budge, sitting there in tears until his love returned to rescue him. I’m sure this will cause all sorts of psychological issues later in life, but for now it’s funny.

And I, of course, am taking advantage of the situation.

“Are you learning to go potty like a big boy? Teacher L will be so impressed!”

Copyright 2008 Debra Legg. All rights reserved.

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