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Stop! Focus! Um, what was I doing?

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Originally posted Spet. 3, 2007, thehive.modbee.com

Happy Meals, Korn or soccer? What the heck was I going to blog about tonight?

It’s the end of the weekend, and I’m reminiscing about weekend ends of old, when I would curl up in bed with a book and read myself to sleep. There’s a book bedside now, but it’s been there since April. But maybe if I can focus and finish up quickly, I’ll have time for a few chapters tonight.

OK, what’s left to be done?

Kids’ school blankets washed and dried: Check! Last week, I forgot the drying part until 5 Tuesday morning.
Lunches … hmm… what’s for lunch. Should have cooked tonight instead of sending Dad to McDonald’s. Ah, that’s right. I was going to write the Happy Meal blog.

STOP! Focus! Lunch!

OK, leftover roast beef, cheese, fruit cup … I think there’s some bread in the garage freezer.

Freezer is an icy mess again. Dang, I’d love to have a new freezer, a bright, shiny frost-free model that’s not a yard-sale reject or a “seen better days” hand-me-down. Wonder how much a nice one would run? I should google Lowe’s and check.

Where did I hide my hammer from Dad, so it wouldn’t wind up rusting in the yard?

Dad. I can’t believe he how late he got back from that Korn concert Saturday. Hope he’s still up for that in 10 years or so, when the guys are ready to go. Oh, <EM>that was going to be my blog.

Corn? Is it in the garage or the kitchen? That would be a good quick fix for dinner tomorrow.

STOP! Focus! Bread!

Didn’t Big Guy’s teacher leave me a note about him running low on snacks? What was it I needed to take to school tomorrow? Cookies! Yes, that’s it. And rolls. Now I just have to chip away enough ice to find them.

Back in the kitchen, I notice a bloodied toe. I guess that flying freezer ice did do some damage. I think the Band-Aids are in my room.

Computer’s running. Let’s take a quick peek at Lowe’s. Sort freezers lowest to highest price. See price escalate by the hundreds before the first frost-free upright shows – short people should not buy chest freezers. A 16.7 cubic foot for $498. Not bad. Not in the budget now, but not bad.

Back in the kitchen and back to lunches. Forgot the bread in the freezer. More hammer work, but no shrapnel this time. I guess it just takes practice to learn how to hack without impaling yourself.

Yikes! Tuesday’s practice day. Big Guy’s bag is in his closet, fully loaded because I made him do it after practice last week. But Little Guy’s ball isn’t in there, and, without it, there’s no way he lets his brother play in peace.

The easiest way to the backyard is through my bedroom – don’t ask – so I stop to covet freezers again. The next-sized frost-free model: 20.3 cubic feet for $583. That extra 3.6 feet would come in handy. It’s probably worth the additional $83.

STOP! Focus! Soccer ball!

Out to the backyard, where I remember I forgot to water the trees today. I’m halfway to the hose when I remember it’s Monday. Oops. Can’t water. Now, why did I come out here? Oh, yeah, the ball.

Water! I can’t forget Big Guy’s water for practice again. Where’s that Coleman jug? And the SpongeBob cups? If I’m going to embarrass the kid by going cheap while the cool kids sip Aquafina, he should at least have a cute cup.

So where are we now: Blankets, check. Snacks, check. Soccer gear, check. Lunches …

Still sitting on the table. Fruit cups still in the garage. And so’s the chicken I need to thaw for Wednesday’s dinner. I consider putting on Dad’s old work boots – finding the chicken is going to take some serious freezer mining.

Mining. West Virginia. Mom said there was a really good article in the paper Sunday about Mountaineer football. I should look it up.


Back in the kitchen. Run the list one more time: Blankets, check. Snacks, check. Soccer gear, check. Lunches, check.

Now, what the heck was I going to blog about?

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